Near to Dresden, Wednesday am.

Worth getting RAC Europe cover before you set out, but if you need help ask a Belgian. they’re amazing.

A fully loaded minibus is likely to be illegally low to the ground for both Belgian and German authorities! Fortunately we only found this out from Wesley our RAC guy, who also pumped our tires up more

Ad Blue is a tragic commodity that works very poorly in many Peugeot vehicles. I mean why? (I know it’s good-ish for the environment).

Driving into a sunrise after a night on the road is beautiful (especially when over a slightly polluted sky).

Printing out Google directions was a big win. Surprisingly only 2 sides of A4 from Calais all the way to East Poland.

If you’re looking for a garage in Calais and heading East you need to wait until Belgium! (Why?) Then you get 8 in quick succession.

BLT sandwiches at service stations are not always the best, but a burger on the boat was awesome!

A speed limiter on a school minibus (100km/h) probably makes for a more relaxing trip but definitely a slower one too.

There are so many truckers hard at work across Europe delivering goods and services for us all.

Shift change…