We’ve been driving through the night, with only a minor stop as Wesley the cheerful Belgian equivalent of an RAC breakdown assistant reset our ‘Ad Blue’ settings at a service station with a delightful attendant who summoned the Flemish roadside assistant to our aid. We’re now around 5 hours from Krakow where we’ll regroup, check in at the Peugeot garage as we may also need an oil change, and rest a bit before heading for the border.

(Currently listening to Scouting for Girls’ ‘Happy Songs 2020’ including ‘love really hurts’ and other joyous tracks, but have belted out Common People by Pulp too reliving our student days.)

The main thing you realise driving across this wonderful continent is just how small our island is back home. For Dan, it’s especially small as he’s from ‘the Island’ (of Wight), but even for a Londoner the spaciousnesses of Central Europe is mind boggling when we live in such a crowded area. We’ve pretty much driven 12 hours in an almost straight line just to this point near Leipzig . This continent is massive!

Anyhow if you’re waking up back home. Thanks for thinking of us! Much love and see you soon.

Heading to Krakow