I first went to Krakow in 1994. A school trip to Krakow, Berlin and Prague. Krakow, a beautiful town in its own right, where I bought a treasured chess board, was on the itinerary because of a horror by an oppressive foreign power. Then it was because it is close to the site of Auschwitz the Nazi murder/extermination camp used in the ‘final solution’. Now I return because it’s close to the Ukrainian border where 1 million +refugees have/are arriving fleeing from another oppressive foreign power.

I returned to Auschwitz just four years ago with Archbishop Justin and a group of leaders. (Blogs on this here). It’s moving just being in the vicinity of that again.

This is the final staging post before heading to the border. A place to visit the garage, pick up our interpreter and perhaps bring people back to tonight… we’ll see. But we’re at the action end of this mission now.

Prayers appreciated as mechanics give bus a look over!