We’re off the beaten track now (well motorways at least) and closing in on one of the northern border crossings where we’ll be dropping supplies for people still in Ukraine to be delivered by the military based over here.

Snowy woods near border

We’ve driven through rain that turned to snow. Makes you imagine queueing in that. Wet clothes, snow on ground, people ready to take your place if you drop out.

Sparsely populated borderlands

We’ll be unloading in about an hour, then sleeping somewhere nearby, heading to border again with as much supplies as we can buy locally thanks to your donations (huge thank you) and then seeing who we can give a lift to further into Ukraine/ Germany / Belgium / France.

Praying God leads us to the right people each time.


You can find out more about SOMA UK on http://www.somauk.org and for those still wanting to donate to our ministry with those in need the quickest way is here

The unload (first half)… at super-speed