There may be few more male places than a cross channel ferry outside of school holidays. Almost everyone on the boat is a trucker, connecting Europe and the world together.

The ferry crossing is a good chance to take stock before the long overnight drive. It’s felt quite miraculous so far. Provision of the minibus. Ukrainians loading the van full of well sorted supplies. A Ukrainian Anglican priest blessing us in the journey. Dan on phone to BBC and other journalists. A warm welcome in Dover.

Revd Sergiy and Dan comparing stories of Ukraine

Listening to Dan inform journalists I’m finding I’m learning a lot too. One of the highlights of this trip is it’s not just taking aid. It’s also about being present when we get there. We’ll pick up a Ukrainian friend of Dan who will help and interpret near the border. It’s also about informing. Dan’s been recording news broadcasts already. It’s about sharing ministry abroad. We hope it may also be about helping people get away from the border. We’ll see.

We’re definitely not here to save the day. At best we’re adding a much needed drop in the ocean of kindness now needed in response to Putin. But in our limited way we’re at least saying there’s hope. You’re not forgotten. And we can pray.


So as France now looms in sight, time to line up behind those trucker and continue on our way.

For those who are asking if they can give, you can through SOMA UK. For those praying thank you. For anyone reading or commenting on social media we’re very glad for your company.

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