This week’s posts are going to be a bit different. We’re trying to get as close as possible to this and see if we can help. Who is we? Hundreds and of people who have organised, inspired, donated time, money or goods, or a school van, or allowed their husband/daddy/colleague to make a trip. That is the ‘we’. The ‘we’ represented by myself a priest in the Church of England and national director for mission agency SOMA UK, and by my old University friend Dan Williams, a man who was living with his wife and young daughter in Ukraine until a week ago.

Railway station queues to leave Ukraine.

So we’re packing up the minibus donated by inspirational headteacher Laura Ellener and the good people of Chiswick School for the journey with goods gathered by Ukrainian priest Revd Sergiy Diduk, friends, congregation and loads of members of public in West London community, with some special add-ons from the hugely generous Christ Church W4, and seeing what we can do to help.

And we’re taking a minibus as the Anglican Bishop of Europe got in touch to say there are people who might get to the border and escape if they knew they could get a lift to a major city, so we changed the van idea for a minibus.

Who knows what the next few days will bring… but we’ll keep you informed.

Appreciate your prayers, and if you like to give we’re taking donations and funds with us to use with those effected directly. You can give through SOMA UK here.