Richard and Nicola
photo credit: John Lambert

A clergy couple

Can have average age of 39 but a combined:

51 years preaching experience

38 years of authorised ministry

23 years in ordained ministry

Can be at home and at work simultaneously

Or at work twice over


A clergy couple

Can be out sharing God’s love at the school gate

Whilst visiting the sick at home

Or handling the admin

Or preparing the talk.

Can walk and run with the dog together

Or collapse on the sofa


A clergy couple

Can be in two places at once, and

Much of the time are

Because running a church and a home

Tends to take more hours

And more thought

And more prayers

Than either could do on their own

Together there’s more

with thanks to the church times for running an article on clergy couples  

Church Times article here:
Original post on clergy couples here:
(all stats in verse one are ours in 2018!)