I’m privileged to work with some high calibre people in our various oversight groups, committees and teams. Observing the roles people have played I’m reminded of the Kantor Team Model… As you can see the need is for those who can ‘observe’ and ‘oppose’ effectively in a meeting balanced by enough positive ‘support’ and creative generators who can ‘move’ ideas forward.

If one part of the quadrant gets dominant the team can get out of sync… too many new ideas with no critique becomes an exhausting to do list; blind followership eventually stimies creativity as the idea generator finds they are having to create their own checks and balances before sharing blue sky thinking; opposition as a default setting is usually destructive, and observation on its own is powerless to effect change.

But harness these team roles/tendencies together and you’re in with a chance at creating something great…

Which ones do you need to encourage on teams you serve in / lead?


kantor's model.png
The Kantor Model: Thanks to Pete Grieg for sharing this at HTB Network Gathering 2015.