The first command to happily naked humans in the Bible is to have enough sex to fill up the world with their offspring, but by the end of time Jesus says they’ll be like the angels not needing marriage or sex in an eternity where all your relational needs for intimacy and ecstasy can be met in another way.

We’re not in Eden now, and we’re certainly not in Eternity. When young charismatics sing ‘let heaven come’ this post-sex reality is more of ‘heaven on earth’ than most are bargaining for. Eden is barred for us not just by a holy angel, but also by our shame and the impact of relationships marred. How should be then live?

This series of four podcasts and a study guide explores:

  1. Beginnings and Endings (Eden and Eternity) – listen here or on iTunes (Christ Church W4). If we can’t go back to shameless Eden, and we’re not ‘like the angels’ yet, what should we do now?
  2. Life Out of Eden (The Mess We’re In) – an overview of how messed up people in the Bible are despite the interventions of a) reboot; b) select one; c) the rule book. It’s good news to us because it means God hasn’t given up on us either: listen
  3. Porn Again / Redeeming Love – If 6 minutes of porn can make you think your partner is uglier than you did before is it really neutral to relationships? This talk tells some of the Bible relationship horror stories before focusing on how God seeks and saves us when we’ve got lost.
  4. A final talk culminating in a Q&A: on tinder, dating, sex, sexuality, God’s plans for us in creation and eternity, and how God still pursues us when it all goes wrong.