Orlando reflection: It is not long ago that I was helping to lead the street pastors team in Wolverhampton. The outreach that we did there almost unwittingly had the gay community as one of its main focuses. This was partly because on one of our first nights out we walked past a gay bar and one of the people there, drunk as he was, shouted ‘you hate us don’t you you’re Christians.’ This had the exact opposite affect he was expecting, and over the coming months we ended up going into gay pubs, nightclubs making friends with people there, helping people get home or get to taxis, doing all the usual Street Pastors Good Samaritan things and generally making friends in the gay community in Wolverhampton who also helped us out a lot. I imagine it was a club a bit like these that was attacked this week in Orlando. A bit like the one that some of our Wolverhampton pioneer ministry team choose to have their birthday party in. It’s deeply sad and a great tragedy that that homophobic attack has made a whole community feel more fragile than it ought. Obviously the American insanity on automatic machine gun ownership is partly culpable but so is the them and us divide that can easily emerge and marginalises the LGBTI community. 
I might be wrong but I always felt that these clubs were the place Jesus was most likely to go in and hang out as they seemed to me to have some of the most [openly] disenfranchised & marginalised people in (& often I found people really keen on knowing more about the love of a Father God). 
Not just that but in the Christian tradition Jesus teaches us that when we go places and help people sometimes we are helping / hosting angels unawares and sometimes we are even helping him – also unaware that it was him. ‘Whatever you did to the least of these you did it for me’… Was Jesus in the club that night in Orlando awaiting your help & prayers? What would he have looked like if you’d seen him there? #jesuisorlando #jesusorlando