2015-2016 saw me splatter my sermons with illustrations from the wonderful Chronicles of Narnia. As I read them through with my daughter there were things that fixated me that I hadn’t remembered from my childhood readings. A particular favourite was the restoration seen in Prince Caspian as Aslan moves through Narnia in warlike fashion exposing and judging the enemies and vindicating the vanquished. There was a beautiful justice about how he righted the wrongs that been done to innocent characters  in the book – and with comic class. 

But if you ever thought it strange that a very deliberate methodical literary professor produced something simplistic, thrown together or random (as Tolkein reportedly thought he had) or if you’ve  wondered why the tone of each book seems to be very different I would suggest you have a quick read of this

Perhaps there is a deep coherence to Narnia after all? Could it be a christological story that teaches us of old gods that teach us about the  one God? Is there a hidden code? 


(You’ll find a response to Ward’s planets thesis here).