Journeying into

Holy Week again

Countdown begins

To a week of pain


The days will tick by

To foot washing hour

The full extent of love

Shown in humble power


A cup to be drunk

When the traitor appears

Three hours of prayer

Sweat, blood and tears


Yet still he stops,

As friends slip past

To heal a man

Charged to bind him fast


An inquest begins

In the dead of night

While charges are made

He puts up no fight


Hands washed in fear

He is sent up to die

Crowd chanting on

“CRUC – I – FY”


Stripped, bound and whipped

Stumbling on

A crown on his head

Dignity gone


The mockers surround,

Hang with him high

One begs forgiveness

For when they both die


Words from the cross

Of pardon and pain

Forsaken, forgiving,

Triumphant again


Prayer marks the hours

Of the vale of tears

The price that was paid

At thirty-three years


The grave couldn’t hold him

The sky that turned black

The curtain that tore

Knew he’d be back


So Easter’s a coming,

After Saturday’s done

And Friday is paid for

And Thursday hard won


And a million obediences

He lived on the way

That graced with perfection

That horrific Friday


A million obediences

Meant death not in vain

Perfection there for you

If you call on his name


The God who hung

And died for us then

Will always be with you

Forever, amen


[for those getting confirmed at Christ Church W4 Easter 2019]