I was moved by reports of a retired priest who lamented the lack of slack in the system – in the church and other institutions – and wondered what it is that stretches me in my life…

Almost all my answers were good things – family, work, study, hobbies, courses, friends, teams and wider opportunities to serve people… This little poem was the result of my musings on a quiet day where I paused to pray in beautiful surroundings… 

Taking up the slack

What drains and stretches, causing strain

Can clearly be the place of pain

And yet are oft the very things

That bring you life, thus deepening

Your value


Potential still

They remain with you – through good or ill

The pain one day can be eclipsed

By little things that aren’t quite tricks

But choices made, hard won, each day

To find some slack so you can pay

And pray

And pastor

Parent more

Not from a place with nought in store

But financed from a place of bounce

That springs and makes ol’ Nick’s plans flounce

next stop: work out what ‘little tricks’ are needed now, and prioritise any wholesale space creation needed to create slack in personal, family, study and work systems…

cut some slack meme