Yes! argues Revd Dr Jeremy Worthen [the Secretary for Ecumenical Relations and Theology at the Council for Christian Unity] in a very helpful Church Times article

The article is a precis of a lecture given at Preston Minster this December, on “Renewal and Reform: Does it have a theology?”

He argues that the very title of the national CoE initiative emerges from deep and broad theological roots that precede and superceed any management speak borrowing of such terms in recent decades. 

It’s a great article well worth a read and not only that, it’s also in my experience, a much truer reflection of the agenda behind R&R than the straw man image of it as a ‘corporate sellout by shallow ministers’ that has been attacked by some who just possibly might be more than a little bitter for being ‘overlooked’ for their own prized / expected episcopal seats. 

The church needs reform and renewal. Let’s get behind those prayerfully helping to deliver it.