The work I have just finished sets up a four year research project. I’m looking at end products. I’m first asking how did Wesley and Whitfield want their followers to turn out and why? Then I am comparing and contrasting that to a contemporary revivalist movement in the Church of England – HTB/Alpha – what is the end product there? I look at the influence of John Wimber and the Toronto Blessing. Where there is a gap I’m asking; ‘Does it matter?’ Perhaps we’ve just evolved further as a society (and theologians) and so inevitably the end product could and should have changed. I then set up a critique of that idea (by asking how valid are models (like Spiral Dynamics [SDi]) that suggest that we are developing new levels of consciousness.

The conclusions will come in four years time… but the questions are fascinating…

Click RESEARCH PROPOSAL to read a 3000 word summary of the research proposal

And if you’re still interested here’s a 10,000 word Literature review

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