Have you ever felt bound to some habit, negative thought, or sin pattern?

Have you ever found that in certain places and with certain people these ‘chains’  can begin to melt away?

Praying this morning, in my minds-eye I had a moving picture. It was of chains being pulled away from the tents camping at the New Wine Summer Conference. The chains were smoothly being pulled from under tents and then in a long chain being carried up into the clouds by some Almighty hand before being dropped and deposited far way elsewhere in a great abyss.

I think we all get these chains from time to time. Charles Dickens portrayed it vividly in

scrooge mcduck
Scrooge McDuck: a classic retelling of a Christmas Carol

his Christmas Carol character Marley. Even if you have had a Charles Welsey experience ‘I woke the dungeon flamed in light, My chains fell off, my heart was free’,  it’s easy and tempting to put the chains back on like an old comfort blanket, when you are mourning the familiarity of that cold harsh steel.

So I’m praying for God to be delivering all of us camping this year from those habits, negative thoughts and sin patterns that can easily capture us. We know he loves to set his people free. And when we get together there seems to be a special atmosphere where spiritual freedom becomes easier, possible, likely and even probable!

If you’re going may God move mightily in your life. May he weaken and break every chain in your life. If the Son sets you free you will be free indeed.

I’m looking forward to an amazing week at New Wine… hope you are too.