O Lord God, whensoever you give you servants to begin any great matter grant us also to know it is not the beginning but the finishing well that gives true glory to you: Francis Drake paraphrased by David Betts

I’ve been privledged to get ahead of myself on this walk. Oxted on day 4, Wrotham on day 5, tonight I’ll be with the friars near Aylesbury. 

  But as I walked yesterday I was greedy for more – can I do another 8/10 miles today… 

Fortunately I did not recklessly attempt that at 4pm but stopped and rested deeply. 3 baths , food and early bed. Even time to write a card home and make a phone call. 

  Slowing down to be with God is the title for this season at Christ Church. They might do that better without me(!) but I certainly think I’m learning a bit of a new rhythm here. I wasted 2 hours of head space wondering and plotting a way to walk on more when I could have been present in the moment. 

Today I’m pausing instead near my friend’s old house in Borstal, (just past Rochester) watching High Speed 1 go by (208mph fastest recorded) and as I watch slowing down my self.